Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tweeter In A Freezer

A quick and BIG THANK YOU to those beautiful people who, like us, are passionate about the environment and our country.

The world record is just a fun activity to raise awareness about several environmental issues we're facing, not only Oman but the entire world, as well as instigating some actions.

So thank you to this bunch of nice guys and girls (some of them not in the pic) who came in the freezer today as well as all those others who've been tweeting with us :)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A world record for a good cause

With the teaser out we have had many people asking us...World record?
Yup! Oman is a very bio diverse place with many environmental issues, and we need to highlight that! How? By doing extraordinary things!
We have gotten a few of Oman’s top bloggers and tweeps and  they will be writing about their own take on environmental issues…..and breaking two world records at the same time J. Oman Collective Intelligence also posted about the social media record, check it out.

The bloggers will come and join us in the Enhance freezer at -20 on Thursday 21st of February at 11am, and by doing that we would have broken the world record for ‘Most amount of bloggers in a freezer’ and ‘Coldest Tweet up’
“What we’re hoping to achieve with this world record attempt is to reach as many people possible by bringing together some of the biggest local internet celebrities and spread the word on environmental protection while not being experts ourselves, we have been blessed with the opportunity to not only deliver the message from experts in the Environment Society of Oman (ESO), but to also get Oman discussing and debating the local and global issues” – Ameer Abdulhussain (Penguin)
You can also help us out! By retweeting and joining in our tweet up you will raise the profile of environmental issues and be part of the (#TweeterInAFreezer) world record!
“Oman has a diverse ecosystem and thus has a diverse range of environmental issues, through our campaigns so far we have noticed that the youth is very interested in the environmental movement and there is no better sphere to get people involved than the social media world. This will give many people the opportunity to voice their eco concerns and get a positive discussion of change”  - Bader Al Lawati (snowflake)
We know what we are focusing on; we want to know what environmental issues mean to you!