Friday, 28 December 2012

Freezing moments

It was a great morning, ‘bit’ cold for some but filled with fun. Today we had a radio interview at a temperature of -15 degrees! Could it be a world record?

This is how it looked as soon as we got into the 'evil freezer', kindly provided by Enhance.
Bader always smiles!
We had the pleasure to have two of our sponsors coming along; Mohammed Anis from the Cake Gallery and Amur Al Abri from Oman Power and Water Procurement Company - OPWPC! They were both very brave! 
And as a couple of weeks ago we hosted a fun contest on our Facebook page we also had present the winner of the bad cold joke competition, Abrar Mohammed.
Anis, Cake Gallery
Bader, Freezing Omani
Sami, Merge 104.8
Abrar, contest winner

Our friends at Merge 104.8 did a fantastic job once again and stood the temperature in style.
Ameer, Freezing Omani
Rumaitha, Merge 104.8
Neil, Merge 104.8

Sami, Merge 104.8

We will be posting the interview itself in the next couple of days, in the mean time enjoy and keep...warm!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Freezing Omanis on the radio!

Hey everyone!
Missed our first interview with Merge 104.8 and Al Wisal 96.5 last Wednesday on the 12th of December? Don’t own a time-machine? No worries! We got you covered! Go ahead and click on the links below to have a listen in on our radio interviews where we talk briefly about the 2041 expedition, getting sponsors, and our training and equipment. 
A BIG thank you to everyone at the radios. J

Until next time…keep cool!

Monday, 10 December 2012

An important message

It was an exciting morning with a sweet ending! Today, with the help of our friends and partners, we officially launched our expedition.
We can be serious sometimes
That's us on TV!
Why a press conference? We wanted to ensure maximum exposure in Oman about the environmental impact on the marine life if sea temperatures were to cool down due to Antarctic ice sheet melting which would negatively affect our fish supplies and economy.
During our trip we hope to learn and bring back as much knowledge and awareness back to Oman so that together we can all take actions.
And here is the surprising sweet ending...
Look at that awesome cake!
Stay tuned for more news!

Our first post

Welcome to our blog! It’s here where we’ll be posting updates on pretty much every aspect of our journey, we want to make this journey as transparent as possible for everyone who’s interested in our journey and in partaking in the expedition themselves next year!
In this blog, you’ll find links to the “Who we are” page to learn more about Bader Al Lawati and myself (Ameer Abdulhussain). You’ll also find links to the “Our mission” page, where you can learn about the expedition itself, and you can even check out the journey planned for us and the paths we’ll be taking during our Antarctic expedition at “The Itinerary” page. There is also a Media section where we keep track of all our interviews. Oh, and you see that nifty little timer to the right? That’s the countdown to the expedition!
Speaking of the expedition, being a part of it would not have been possible if not for our very special sponsors who believed in us enough to support us fully, and these sponsors are: Velosi Applus – OHI, The Oman Power & Water Procurement Co., The Cake Gallery, Enhance Oman, & The University of Wollongong in Dubai.
Last, but definitely not least, we do need to give a shout-out to a few special people out there who have not only supported us, but also put in time and effort to help us out in any way possible. We want to thank Marwa Fadhil who took the initiative and created the brilliant logo you see in front of you. We also need to give a big thank you to Nabil Al Busaidi who has given us guidance when we needed it. Mohammed Breki also deserves a lot of credit for persistently getting us contacts and assistance, he was also there when we needed a last-minute emergency contact, so for that, thank you Mohammed! A massive “Thank you” goes out to Mohammed Bahrani for financially helping us when we really needed it. Wijdan Saleem and Photofactory, you guys are genius at what you and thank you so much for creating our amazing photos, and finally, we need to thank Fatima Hamayon and Al Musafir Productions for putting together our brilliant video that you can find below.
We hope you have a great time watching the video, because we honestly had a great time making it! Enjoy!

You probably thought that we were done with the shout-outs, didn’t you? Truth is, there is one last “Thank You” that needs to be said, and that’s to you guys. Thank you for following us and supporting us through our journey, all the positive feedback is truly amazing and we would not have been as motivated if not for all of you.
Thank you.