Friday, 28 December 2012

Freezing moments

It was a great morning, ‘bit’ cold for some but filled with fun. Today we had a radio interview at a temperature of -15 degrees! Could it be a world record?

This is how it looked as soon as we got into the 'evil freezer', kindly provided by Enhance.
Bader always smiles!
We had the pleasure to have two of our sponsors coming along; Mohammed Anis from the Cake Gallery and Amur Al Abri from Oman Power and Water Procurement Company - OPWPC! They were both very brave! 
And as a couple of weeks ago we hosted a fun contest on our Facebook page we also had present the winner of the bad cold joke competition, Abrar Mohammed.
Anis, Cake Gallery
Bader, Freezing Omani
Sami, Merge 104.8
Abrar, contest winner

Our friends at Merge 104.8 did a fantastic job once again and stood the temperature in style.
Ameer, Freezing Omani
Rumaitha, Merge 104.8
Neil, Merge 104.8

Sami, Merge 104.8

We will be posting the interview itself in the next couple of days, in the mean time enjoy and keep...warm!

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