Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Stepping back into the ‘real life’

It’s been a couple of months since we have been back but there’s a unique feeling that we share with our expedition mates since we returned, it’s a strange feeling that our 10 day Antarctic expedition felt like it both lasted for years and seconds; it felt like we belonged there and that was the life that we belonged to. The experiences we had and the friends we made…we felt like we have known them for a long loooooong time!
But at the same time, it was too short! We were there for 10 days, but it passed like a flash! But there it was, now for the next part of our journey.

It’s been a busy couple of months since we came back, trying to set up a press conference / produce a video within days of us coming back meant no rest and we had to both step back into our jobs after a month of being away!

All the rush and business is good! It’s keeping us on our feet and motivated for the next steps!
Speaking of motivation…..we are seeing so many amazing people in our hunt for the next ‘Freezing Omanis’ and for those who have been interviewed by me (Bader), it’s amazing to see so much motivation and dedication!

The hunt for the next ‘Freezing Omanis’ is over and we have found our successors…..training has already started! And their names will be revealed soon!

Our story isn’t over yet though!
Our projects are soon going to be running and we will need help in planning, executing and making the projects actually count for something! Help make Oman stand out with ‘2041’! We want them to think of people who come from Oman as environmental superheros! Let’s give them the best campaigns they have ever had!

For those interested, Bader’s Campaign is “The reduction of plastic bags in Oman” and Ameer’s is “The promotion of energy conservation in Oman”……if you are interested in being a part of that; contact us!
We have also been trying to share our story with as many people as we can, and that’s where you can come in too! we are just two people J (our friends always help but it’s our responsibility).

If you want to hear our story in your school or office or wherever, get us in touch with the people who can help us arrange it and we are glad to do that! Even if you have a group of friends, try n gather them and we can do something! Don’t feel shy to get in touch!

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