Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Rumaitha: Greetings from Buenos Airis

Rumaitha: I have officially stepped foot on continent number FIVE! And soon enough number six will be on the way and I would have to make plans to visit Australia in the near future to be able to say that I have visited all seven continents of the world. It is exciting to be here. Today I managed to head down and discover the city for a bit but what I saw and enjoyed will follow up in another post.

In this post, I wanted to thank Nokia for hoping on board as a supporter to my Antarctic trip. The first leg of the trip even though was dull and absolutely LONG was a delight thanks to them. I tell yait was the longest trip of my life! A total of 20 hours of travel was seriously enough to get me to have secondthoughts and ponder on why I chose to do so, but then I remembered our fore fathers who literally walked during theirdays all the way from Sur to Muscat or Muscat to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Boy are we blessed with every advancement of technology.  Anyhoo, back to the main reason of this post! Yes, Nokia represented in MHD, who are celebrating 20 years of being an official Nokia dealer in Oman, was super kind to offer me their brand new Lumia 1020 to be my toy during my trip along with the accessories which have been such a joy to experience with.

The main itinerary was from Muscat to Doha then switch flights in Doha to head down to Buenos Aires via Sao Paolo. The first hours were sort of boring and of course I tried catching up to my utmost ability with sleep. Prior to trip, sleep deprivation is what I had been suffering for a few days especially with obtaining the visa (which is going to be a whole rant later on when I have the time to write it down). As I was flying over the Atlantic and heading closer to the coast of Brazil; the clouds must have been the best I have ever seen! I mean seriously I have had my fair share of travel but never have seen clouds like these in perfect beautiful form with breathtaking golden sun rays highlightingthem coupled with calmness of the ocean below; an absolute spectacle, which the Nokia Lumia 1020 never failed to disappoint in the capture.

Here’s a few of the snaps from the 40 megapixel camera (you read it correctly FORTY megapixels)

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