Sunday, 3 March 2013

Day 3 - Mt. Martial Glacier...and the snow?

Today we put our rope skills and our teamwork to practice...and what a day it was!

Getting up in the morning and seeing the team all there ready and excited just does something to you...the team spirit is something amazing, it gives you a different kind of energy!

The ride to the glacier was stunning, seeing the beagle channel behind us and snow ridden mountains up ahead is surreal, and then you get to the trek...this expedition has been a constant state of ‘it can’t get better,'s better’ and today hasn't been any different.

One of our favourite pass time activities is trekking, and it works when the team clicks and leadership is given and taken all around and that’s what this whole day was meant to prepare us to show leadership skills, develop the ability to step down and to help and assist each other through a challenging trek...being tied to 6 other people and walking in one pace is more challenging that it sounds!

You need patience and compromise, you need to constantly keep an eye on your team and help who you can...after all, you aren't trekking solo; you all are trekking as one.

Then we got to the top, the glacier was stunning and the view was amazing, but then we got our first contact with what we came to’s not cold as it used to be, we packed for colder temperatures. The snow is not as thick anymore, and it’s become shy and dropped back into the background.

Those who were hoping to have their first snowball fight got disappointed...but more seriously, these glaciers are what the people in Ushuaia use for water.

It’s one thing hearing/reading about an issue (as you are right now), it’s a totally different thing when you see it right in front of you.

You get much more motivated to do something...and being tied to a great passionate bunch of individuals just gives you more fuel!!

If a group of people from 28 different backgrounds can work together this well, a country so unified such as Oman could be the forefront of environmentalism

Bader & Ameer.

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  1. you are a good students. And you are the best thig that effect for many students or people. I wish to be one of famous people and do something from my country Oman.

    student from Nizwa college of Applied Sciences