Saturday, 2 March 2013

Day 2 - Eagle Eye & Safety Sweeper

This was a big day for the Freezing Omanis with an early start.

We had our first day of the program after the induction and the initial team building trek to the most southern point of the world. Today however the team got to attend great lectures by Robert Swan and Gareth Wood who are two of the three men who walked the South Pole in 1985.

There were many theories about developing environmental initiatives and community involvement, and then a final rope and safety exercise where the pair practiced tying their knots blindfolded to get ready for tomorrows big test manoeuvring crevasses to reach the Martial Glacier. Some photos to share with you:

We were given important positions within our team, Ameer was designated the Eagle eye (keeping track of all the team and coordinating), while Bader was designated as the safety sweeper (maintaining speed and keeping safety checks/first aid).

The trek will help the teams get into formation before they leave to Antarctica and make sure all gear and equipment is ready while they are in Antarctica.

Tomorrow the Sea Spirit will take us amongst 74 others from 28 different countries to the great white continent through the infamous Drake Passage, dubbed as “the roller-coaster without seatbelts”.

From the time the Sea Spirit leaves, the team will be tracked through GPS which can be followed by the blog:

Ameer and Bader

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