Saturday, 9 March 2013

Day 6 - crazy 24 hours!

We have had a very packed two days; more safety procedures to safeguard the team for the next two days. 
The safety procedures aimed at insuring natural readiness in case of a falling member as well as learning about hypothermia and hypothermia as well as basic first aids.
The theory was put into practice when the team did falling exercises and showed their rope and splinting work, and then we marched!

The trek was exciting with the occasional snowball fight but the team being roped together, there wasn't much room to get away!
Then there was the camping survival night!

The team dug their wind shelters in the snow and were left for the night to see the Aurora and the stars!
The next day was the return to the sea spirit and directly into workshops while they got to meditation point...
Tomorrow we will be spending a day on the continent preparing for the big march through the crevasse fields, we will also do the infamous polar plunge in sub zero waters!
Bader & Ameer :)

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