Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Day 7 - Sleep deprivation!

The first day we got on, Adrian Cross (Jumper) told us that we are going to be on a very tight schedule...that we should be ready to snap awake and run to the deck at any given point! We thought he was being dramatic...
He wasn't...

Our expedition is a mix of adventure and education...and with the programme being a short 10 days we have to cram EVERYTHING in that small time frame.  
Our days depend on what the amazing team at 2041 have conspired against us, but it always starts off with ‘Jumper’ on the PA telling us to wake up way too early and get ready way too fast to get on zodiacs or get on deck! We typically have 15-20 mins to wake up, get dressed and packed and off to teams to our meeting points...it feels like were in the military.

We trek, we prepare our plans...eat, and go to workshops under sleep deprivation!

Sleep deprivation is an interesting thing.  We talk to our team members, they ask us something and we reply...Then they ask again! :p

It’s hilarious when we all get together, we are all spaced out and exhausted...but still loving it!

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