Friday, 1 March 2013

Day 1 - From Muscat to the 'End of the world'

We left to Argentina on the 26th, the flight path was to Dubai-Brazil, Argentina (Buenos Aires).

Total travel time was about 34 hours, exhausting!!!

After our flight to BA we slept in shifts so that we could take care of the bags and keep track of time.

Today we met some of the 30 that are going to be joining us. We got along very well while going through forests and mountains to reach our first stop.

The trek took 5 hours and we enjoyed the nature of the Argentinian Ushuaia national forest. It is just stunning!

We got to ‘the end of the world’ point which is the southernmost point in the world.

Tomorrow we will do a mountain safety session and after tomorrow we trek a mountain.

Here some you all J.

Bader and Ameer

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